Top 10 Tips for Natural Family Planning Newbies

  1. Top 10Just START charting! Once you know the basics of how to chart your fertility signs just start doing it! Even if you aren’t certain you are doing it correctly to begin with just chart as completely as possible and look to your instructor for guidance. In no time at all you will be able to compare each day/month and descriptions will get more and more accurate. You just need to start!
  2. Forget what you’ve been told – The whole 28 day cycle with ovulation on cycle day 14 routine is just a general concept. Yes some women fit into the mold, but many do not. Don’t worry too much about what you think your chart should look like. As you chart you will learn what your normal is and even though it may continue to be confusing at times you will become more and more secure in your abilities to chart accurately! And if there is something abnormal going on chances are very good your instructor will help you discover those red flags and seek help from a trained physician.
  3. Raise your hand! – Never hesitate to consult your instructor!! We WANT you to contact us if you ever need help. Don’t think that after (in our case) three teaching sessions and several reviews we expect you to know how to chart with 100% confidence. Confidence comes with time and experience. Your instructor is there to help confirm your cycle analysis and help you build that confidence. Call on us if you need us!
  4. Don’t wait – If you are engaged or as soon as you get engaged don’t wait to start instruction! My husband and I started an entire year before our wedding and it was such a relief to get to see my cycle go through some stressful times with schooling and wedding planning and illness, etc. before we were relying on our charting to (in our case) postpone.
  5. Find Support – Find someone else you can talk to about NFP and if you don’t know someone in your everyday life consider joining a forum like this one or the Facebook NFP Fans – Closed Group. It may feel like there is no one else you can talk to but I assure you, you are not alone!
  6. It’s never too late to learn something new – Realize that as your cycle and circumstances change throughout your life so will your NFP needs. But rest assured, there are lots of options when it comes to NFP use, you just have to know what’s available. Your SymptoProTM instructor is trained to handle many different special circumstances.  Let them know what’s going on and lean on them to guide you through!
  7. Avoid making assumptionsThis can apply to many aspects of our lives but especially involving issues of fertility, family size, and birth control choices. Sometimes those who are just starting out on their NFP journey (and those who have years of experience) find it a struggle to relate to those who either have a much easier or much harder time using NFP then they do. Understand that each woman and family is on a journey of their own with their own special circumstances.  Share the good news about NFP joyfully but with compassion.
  8. Strengthen your team – If your spouse or fiance isn’t so sure of NFP do your best to work through those concerns up front. Your NFP instructor is a great resources and can often help with many of the concerns that may come up.  Talking things through may be challenging but it will greatly benefit you moving forward.
  9. Have realistic expectations – Just like everything else in life worth doing, NFP isn’t always easy. In fact sometimes it’s downright challenging. But with the challenges come immense opportunity for growth. To ease the tough times keep talking and caring for your physical an spiritual well-being.
  10. Believe in yourself – Trust in your uniquely perfect self.  Don’t be afraid of what you aren’t yet familiar with.  Learn to trust your body and use any challenges you face as opportunities to find healing and health.

What are your best tips for the newbie charter?

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Kristin and her husband Kurt married in 2004 and are now living in Iowa raising their four beautiful children. She has been a Fertility Educator since 2007 and began instructing for SymptoPro in the fall of 2012. In her desire to bring support to women in all areas of the world she began the Living The Sacrament - Online NFP Community. She is also honored to be involved with The Guiding Star Project, as they take an innovative, holistic approach to women and family care. To view Kristin's full profile with contact information click HERE.