Take a Class

Love Naturally NFP is comprised of 2 instructors each living in a different area of the U.S.! We currently offer two ways to learn!

Learn Online: Learning NFP online is made simple with SymptoProTM Fertility Eduction!  Just fill out the online registration form and pay for your class.  In just a few days SymptoProTM headquarters will send you your materials and your Love Naturally instructor will contact you to help you get started!

As you work your way through the online course your instructor will be with you every step of the way, assuring you understand the materials and advising you on which rules to apply depending on your family planning intentions. You will also gain access to the SymptoProTM online charting tool which will allow you to request a chart review or advice from your instructor with just the click of a button!

Your instructor will be selected based on availability and location.  If at all possible clients will be placed with the instructor they are closest to if the client is within driving distance of them. If you have any questions please Contact Us!  We’d love to talk with you!

Cost of online instruction is $120 plus required materials which includes either the e-book ($7.50) or paper book ($25) as well as a Basal Body Thermometer if you don’t already own one.

Learn In-Person: If you live within driving distance of one of us and would prefer in-person instruction please click HERE to learn more.  Registration for in-person classes must be done through e-mailing the instructor nearest to you.
Note: The online registration is ONLY for the online course.

Cost of in-person instruction varies by instructor.  See our in-person instructor page for more info on their personal pricing.