TED Talk: Own your Body’s Data

Check out this great TED talk on how your body’s data can empower you to better advocate for yourself and partner with your medical care providers in making the best decisions possible for YOU!  

The Fear Factor

Most people have heard of Natural Family Planning (NFP) or Fertility Education, however, many wonder how it differs from contraceptive devices and birth control pills.  It can seem that in both cases the end result appears the same: a family spaced to best fit its needs. But I assure you, fertility education is different. It is different in approach, outlook, and freedom. Using fertility education is empowering and freeing in ways contraceptives, by design, are incapable of. Fear permeates our … Continue reading

We Believe In You!

Fertility News Round-Up!

Visit our friends at IuseNFP for their latest Fertility News Round-up! Check out their site for the most recent highlights in natural fertility news! A sneak peek: Birth Control and Migraines Don’t Mix: A new study published indicates a link between women who have migraines taking combined oral contraception pills and blood clots. Waking Up From The Pill: A long (but worth it) article about the unforeseen complications on the price of “sexual freedom.” Blog Series on NFP: Carrots For Michaelmas … Continue reading

Top 10 Tips for Natural Family Planning Newbies

Just START charting! Once you know the basics of how to chart your fertility signs just start doing it! Even if you aren’t certain you are doing it correctly to begin with just chart as completely as possible and look to your instructor for guidance. In no time at all you will be able to compare each day/month and descriptions will get more and more accurate. You just need to start! Forget what you’ve been told – The whole 28 … Continue reading

Is this menstruation or breakthrough bleeding?

Question: I haven’t had any sign of ovulation this cycle. I didn’t really have normal fertile mucus, was drying up on cycle day 25 and then on cycle day 30 I had some spotting. It was bright red at first, then dark red/brown. Now it’s bright red again. The flow is either very, very, very light or it’s spotting. Could this be menstruation? I’m so confused. Short Answer: If there’s no confirmation of ovulation, it’s not true menstruation. Treat it … Continue reading

My mucus is very scant, is there any way to help it improve?

Question: I’m having a very difficult time noticing cervical mucus during my cycles. Is there anything I can do to help this? Short Answer: There are a number of things you can do to try and help increase your cervical mucus. If you are currently working with an instructor it’s important to note anything you try on your chart so you have the whole picture when it’s time for your next chart review. Long Answer: While there are a range … Continue reading

Is SymptoPro Effective?

SymptoPro™ can be highly effective for couples who are avoiding or achieving a pregnancy. Couples who are taught well, understand the method, are clear about their family planning intention, and carefully follow all the rules for avoiding a pregnancy all the time will experience a 98 to 99.9 percent effectiveness rate. Couples who occasionally do not follow all the rules for avoiding a pregnancy will most likely experience a pregnancy rate similar to condoms and other barrier methods of family … Continue reading

How does SymptoPro work?

Observations SymptoPro™ is a Sympto-Thermal method of NFP based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature, and cervix (optional). Mucus: The woman performs a tissue observation before and after every voiding, observing the qualities of any mucus present. Additionally, she is aware of her vaginal sensations throughout the day. Temperature: The woman takes her temperature upon waking every day. Cervix: An optional sign, some women find this additional information helpful. A cervical check may be performed … Continue reading

Who can use SymptoPro?

SymptoPro™ is highly effective and appropriate for couples trying to conceive as well as those who need to avoid pregnancy. It offers a number of symptoms and charting options that give a great deal of flexibility in applying it reliably to the unique individual. SymptoPro™ Providers are trained to handle a wide range of special circumstances including breastfeeding, premenopause, discontinuing hormonal contraceptives, long cycles, continuous mucus, etc . Clients are encouraged to contact their provider during any change in reproductive … Continue reading