NFP Twitter Party Comin’ Your Way!


NFP Twitter Party

Attn: Twitter Savvy Friends!!  We are having a twitter party!  On April 17th at 7pm CST we (@learnnfponline) will join with IuseNFP (@iusenfp) and Living The Sacrament (@lvgthesacrament) to answer questions or chat about all things NFP. Join in the conversation by tweeting with the hashtag #nfpFAQ

This is also a great opportunity to share with your friends about NFP!  We’d love for you to share about this event on your social media accounts!

If you have never participated in a twitter party before here’s a little “how to” for you!


Kristin and her husband Kurt married in 2004 and are now living in Iowa raising their four beautiful children. She has been a Fertility Educator since 2007 and began instructing for SymptoPro in the fall of 2012. In her desire to bring support to women in all areas of the world she began the Living The Sacrament - Online NFP Community. She is also honored to be involved with The Guiding Star Project, as they take an innovative, holistic approach to women and family care. To view Kristin's full profile with contact information click HERE.