How to find a NFP friendly doctor


NFP-DocOne of the most common issues NFP users face is finding a doctor who “gets it”. In fact most women don’t even expect that. When it comes down to it we really just desire a doctor who will respect our decision to use NFP when postponing a pregnancy rather than whatever artificial pill, patch, or barrier samples were left behind by the last pharmaceutical rep. to enter the building. This is no tall order. While it should be easy it often is not.

If you are struggling to find a NFP friendly doctor don’t lose hope! Try the following and with any luck you will find some great options in your area! Generally speaking as you are going down the list, the fewer steps it takes you to find a doctor, the more likely they will be not only NFP friendly, but possibly even trained in a specialty such as NaProTechnology.

  1. Creighton Fertility Care: Check out the Fertility Care Website and use the left hand index to “Find a Medical Consultant” (if looking specifically for a NaPro Doctor please e-mail fcco[at] for the most up-to-date information on your area.)
  2. One More Soul’s NFP Directory: Run a search for your area (Helpful, but not always 100% up to date. No luck? See#3)
  3. Network:
    • Contact your closest Catholic NFP Diocesan Coordinator. Does it matter if you are Catholic?  Nope!  Just let them know you are looking for an NFP friendly doctor in the area and see if they have any leads for you!
    • Seek out and call your local NFP instructors! More than likely they go to the doctor from time to time so see who they use!
    • Search for a Pro-Life OB/GYNS (AAPLOG) . While not all physicians identified as Pro-Life are NFP friendly, many are.
    • Consider calling a few of the local Midwives if you have any in your area. Though not all are supportive of NFP, many are, and might know of a doctor in your area who is as well!
    • Don’t forget to ask your SymptoProTM instructor!  Even if we’re not in your immediate area we often have resources nearby.
  4. Social Network: You never know who people know, so post to a NFP Forum, try the Facebook NFP Group (CLOSED group is probably the best option), or ask your NFP tweeps.


Kristin and her husband Kurt married in 2004 and are now living in Iowa raising their four beautiful children. She has been a Fertility Educator since 2007 and began instructing for SymptoPro in the fall of 2012. In her desire to bring support to women in all areas of the world she began the Living The Sacrament - Online NFP Community. She is also honored to be involved with The Guiding Star Project, as they take an innovative, holistic approach to women and family care. To view Kristin's full profile with contact information click HERE.